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Lunar Pooch πŸŒ™

Our Story ✨

Lunar Pooch all started when the stars aligned and Neal met Luna at 8 weeks old. She was a Mini Bernedoodle and Neal was just a normal guy running an online business in Miami. Overnight, his life changed - he began working late hours through the night, watching countless YouTube videos on parenting, and buying every single dog product he could find.

Puppy Problems 🐢

She was the happiest and wildest little puppy, with big city dreams. But balancing vaccinations and socialization made it tricky to venture out into the world. Once she could finally go on walks, the real problems continued - running out of water, handsfree carrying, worried about her running off, staying visible with cars - the list goes on!

Neal was ready to provide for his pooch the most safe and amazing life imaginable but was overwhelmed with finding solutions to these everyday problems. On one moonlit evening, Neal and Luna were crossing the street when a car quickly turned without seeing them. Without a second to spare, Neal sprung into action and saved Luna from danger.

The Calling πŸŒƒ

From that point on, Neal found his new purpose. Not just for Luna, but for all dogs, to help dog parents feel more secure adventuring in the big city - especially at night. He started designing and sourcing products that would support this vision; with Luna as the Chief Paw Officer at only 12 weeks old. This introduced some complex hurdles, but also laser focused him onto the one thing that mattered most: making sure product quality was aligned the quality of life that Luna and other city dogs deserved.

Our Mission is to continuously innovate out of this world solutions for dog parents at night πŸŒ™

We want every dog parent to have a blast, feel confident, and be ready for any adventure life throws their way - with the most functional and safe gear. That's why we only use top-notch materials in everything we make. Our products are backed by our Luna's 100% money back gaurantee, just let us know if you have any questions with your shopping experience. Amazing memories with your Lunar Pooch await!

Neal & Luna



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