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Lunar Pooch Size Guide

🐕 Lunar Pooch Hoodie - Measure your dog’s chest circumference around largest part of chest, right behind front legs. Then, length from base of neck to tail. You can also ‘guesstimate’ based off of weight.

Tip: Adjustable strings cinch nicely for little leg breeds. If in doubt, size up by one! 

1 2 to 5lbs Up to 8" 8" to 10"
2 6 to 9lbs 9" to 11" 10" to 12"
3 10 to 13lbs 12" to 14" 12" to 14"
4 14 to 17lbs 15" to 18" 13.5" to 15.5"
5 18 to 23lbs 19" to 23" 15" to 17"
6 24 to 33lbs 23" to 26" 17" to 19"
7 34 to 44lbs 27" to 30" 19" to 21"
8 45 to 54lbs 31" to 32" 21" to 22"
9 55 to 64lbs 33" to 35” 22" to 25"
10 65 to 80lbs+ 36" to 38" 25" to 29"+

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Lunar Human Size Guide

🧥 Lunar Human HoodieUNISEX FIT: fits true to size, (but tight in the waist) size up by one as needed! Can be worn over mid-layers. If between sizes, we recommend sizing up by one! 

S 33.9" to 37" 33.5"
M 37" to 40.2" 34"
L 40.2" to 43.3" 34.8"
XL 43.3" to 46.5" 35.5"
2XL 46.5" to 49.6" 36.3"
3XL 49.6" to 52" 37"

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How To Size Your Dog

We get it, sizing your dog and shopping online is super tricky! Watch this video, where our founders Neal & Luna will show you how to measure your dog. Be sure to screenshot the size chart.

General Sizing Tips:

✓ If in doubt, size up by one!

✓ Use a soft tape (or a leash for measuring)

✓ measuring is preferred over weight guess, you do not want the chest to be too tight!

✓ Length is okay to be a little short, and if it's a little long, the rear part can be cinched

✓ If you're concerned with your male dog having "too much room" sizing up, then we'd say snug is better in this case

✓ If you must go by weight, the weight ranges are for average shaped dogs

✓ Still unsure? Send us a DM @lunarpooch


If the fit does not work, simply email us! We'll send you a full refund or the correct needed size.


Adjustable drawstrings on sleeves perfect for dachshunds / corgis. (+ on the tail for longer fits)


We've seen teacup chihuahuas to thicc labs fit perfectly. It depends on the chest measurement!

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