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The Best Dog Coats, Accesories, & Matching Dog and Owner Hoodies | For Nightwalkers 🐶🌙


Walking Your Dog At Night 🐕

Just got a whole lot safer and more stylish! We have carefully curated a collection around matching dog and owner hoodies that seamlessly integrates dog fashion with elements of fun, functionality, and impeccable style. Whether you're searching for the best dog raincoats or the most vibrant dog hoodies in the galaxy, look no further than our comprehensive buying guide for all things dog clothes and nighttime accessories.

Ensure Your Dog's Safety & Light Up The Night in Confidence 🌃

Our dog jacket is crafted from high-quality, reflective material, making it more than just your average dog sweater or dog safety vest. This versatile dog jacket is engineered to react and emit a bright glow when exposed to the headlights of oncoming cars. You can even test the Lunar Flash Effect by using your camera phone's flash, which creates the same captivating color-changing effect in the dark.

With this feature, drivers can effortlessly spot your dog during nighttime strolls (up to 1000+ ft away,) ensuring their safety and providing you with peace of mind. Moreover, if you ever need to locate your off-leash dog in the dark, simply utilize the camera flash. For those who walk their dogs at night, this dog hoodie is an indispensable addition to your wardrobe.

Matching Dog and Owner Hoodies That Keep You Safe From Cars 🚘

We might be biased here, but the right gear for dog clothes always has matching components + functional safety elements and dog accessories to complete the set. Spark Paws has fun matching dog hoodies, Canada Pooch's dog raincoats are great for harsh weather, but here at Lunar Pooch - we are laser focused on utility making both you and your dog as safe and stylish at night as humanly possible.

When you double the reflectivity, you double your safety, plus you double your fun! When you're both this covered our special Lunar Flash Technology, high-vis jackets, you and your canine companion can have ultimate peace of mind shining bright together on night walks -- keeping you guys twice as safe from approaching cars!

PLUS, who doesn't love pics with their pup to post on the gram? Turn the camera flash on an capture the most amazing memories with your dogs. Nothing is more mesmerizing that matching dog and owner hoodies that change colors from Matte Black to an iridescent fashion statement.

Want Extra Visibility? Add Dog Lights to Your Set 🔦

LED Night Ring

If you want your furry friend to shine even brighter at night, you have to check out this adjustable LED dog collar that fits most dogs. Its universal fit can be easily trimmed to size! While dog lights are nothing new, this particular collar is rechargeable, long-lasting, and offers 11 different color modes to ensure your pup is easily visible in low-light conditions.

Winter brings darker nights earlier, posing a challenge for us dog owners who want to take their pups out for a walk or to the dog park after work. As pet parents, we understand the importance of visibility during these dark hours. That's where this LED Night Ring comes in. It is specifically designed to be worn alongside any collar or LED dog harness. With a light D-ring for attaching the lamp, it provides a practical solution. However, we always recommend connecting your leash to a sturdier point on the collar or harness your dog is wearing. This ensures both safety and peace of mind during your nighttime outings.

LED Leash Lamp

Who else is giving out FREE pocket-sized LED leash lights? This is our must-have for nighttime dog walks. This game-changing dog flashlight offers three key benefits:

1) Enhanced Visibility: With its highly durable clip, the lamp can be easily attached to any leash, collar, or even our LED Night Ring. Cars will easily see you and your dog shining super bright like a safety beacon on a lighthouse - no joke, it's BRIGHT!

2) Off-Leash Confidence: The compact design lets you easily clip it onto your dog, providing an additional light source like a personal mini headlight for your pup. Spotting your dog off-leash in the dark is now effortless, allowing you to fully enjoy your time at the park after sundown.

3) Ground Visibility: Say goodbye to the dark and hello to convenience. The Leash Lamp illuminates the ground, making it easier to see and pick up dog poop. No more guessing games or messy mishaps.

We hold such strong belief in this light that we're offering it as a complimentary gift to all dog parents who purchase one of our Lunar Pooch Hoodies - while supplies last!

What Makes Our Reflective Jacket The Most Versatile and The Best Dog Coat Overall?

Another common issue with dog clothes is the difficulty in keeping them clean. But with the Lunar Pooch Hoodie, you won't have to worry about that anymore. The hoodie is machine washable, making it effortless to clean after a long day of playing and exploring. Simply toss it in the washer to rinse off any mud or dirt and let it air dry for hassle-free maintenance.

The Best Dog Raincoats Are, Well Waterproof ⛈️

We understand the importance of your dog's comfort in wet and rainy weather, as well as their style and safety at night. That's why we have designed the Lunar Pooch Hoodie to not only be fashionable but also a functional full-coverage dog raincoat with hood.

It is made with a breathable and waterproof shell that will keep your pup cozy and dry walking in the rain. This waterproof outer shell not only provides warmth and rain protection, but also insulates against all kinds of weather, from freezing snow days to wind-chilled nights.

While the soft fleece lining serves as a cozy warmth shield against the winter chill. Moreover, the breathable fabric ensures your pup stays comfortable during the spring and even on cooler summer nights.

High-Quality Materials and All-Year Round Comfort ☑️

When it comes to dog clothes, durability is key. That's why the Lunar Pooch Hoodie is made with high-quality materials that can withstand rough play and outdoor adventures. The exterior is a dog raincoat made of waterproof and scratch resistant polyester fabric, keeping your pup dry and comfortable in wet weather. While the inside is a soft inner fleece lining, so your pup will be extra warm in the winter when they need it most.

Plus the hood, legs, and back are all adjustable when worn, so all pet parents can fine tune and find the right fit. Whether shopping for a dachshund coat with small legs that need to be cinched, or fully grown lab that needs a larger dog jacket, you'll get ultimate versatility through all seasons.

Puppy Clothes In Mind (requires puppy planning 🐶)

Pet parents adore spoiling their pups, particularly when it comes to protecting them from rain, cold weather, and nighttime traffic hazards. And let's be honest, your phone is likely filled with thousands of adorable puppy pictures, so why not capture some extra fun moments with the camera flash on?

When shopping for dog jackets for your puppy, we highly recommend selecting a size that is 1-3 sizes larger based on their growth projections and age. This ensures that your pup can comfortably wear their jacket throughout an entire season before needing a larger one.

Dog Clothes That Actually Fit Both Small Breeds & Large Breeds 🐾

When shopping for dog apparel, it is crucial to select the appropriate gear. First, ensure to measure their chest girth behind the front legs. We highly recommend sizing up by one to ensure that your dog's front legs have ample room for a full range of motion. This will prevent any discomfort or restriction while allowing them to move freely and comfortably.

To ensure the perfect fit for your dog's jacket, it's important to consider their unique shape. In addition to measuring their chest girth, it's recommended to measure their length from the base of the neck to the tailbone. By referencing our size chart, you can determine the best size dog jacket to go with. If measuring isn't possible, our size chart also provides weight ranges to help you make an informed decision with your new dog jackets.

The Lunar Pooch Hoodie is available in multiple sizes, accommodating small breeds weighing as little as 5lbs, all the way up to large breed dogs weighing over 80lbs.

Sizes for Extra Large Breeds are coming next year!

Lastly, A Festive Fanny Pack 💃

Hold the phone -- not just matching hoodies, but a matching bag too? You can't beat that. Our Moon Walking Bag was designed with you and your dog's convenience in mind. It is made with the same durable and reflective fabric as our Lunar Pooch Hoodie set, ensuring you stay visible at night and are ready for any festive adventures life throws your way.

With its compact design and adjustable strap, it easily can be worn as a crossbody or a fanny pack, allowing you to stroll with confidence and function. Keep treats, waste bags, and other essentials close at hand while you make a statement on the streets. Perfect for dog owners who live for the twinning life!

The Future of Lunar Pooch is Bright and ✨ Reflective ✨

We're not stopping at hoodies and bags when it comes to keeping our dogs safe! At Lunar Pooch, we're on a mission to revolutionize the way you and dog walk with safety and style at night. We're thrilled to unveil our future line-up of innovative, high-quality products that you're going to LOVE.

Prepare to illuminate your nighttime strolls with our upcoming collection of premium dog jackets. From lighter options for milder weather to sizes suitable for larger dogs, we have taken note of all your requests and are actively prioritizing them for our next generation 2.0 dog clothing line, which will also include matching owner outfits and bags. Get ready to elevate your style and enhance your pup's wardrobe with our impeccable selection.

Plus, we are working on brand new line of reflective dog leashes, collars, and harnesses designed with the same level of quality and reflective safety as our dog jackets and reflective fanny packs. And lastly, we can't wait on the ultimate dog shoes for night walks designed to protect your beloved pups paws during nighttime adventures.

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